The Proposal

For those of you who don't know, Lauren and I got engaged in March 2016 on a weekend in Portland OR. We went for a weekend away for Lauren's birthday and on the 2nd day I convinced her to go for a hike up to Multnomah Falls. On the hike we came across the perfect little spot where I produced the string bound book I had made with pictures of our adventures so far together and finally asking if I could have every adventure with her.. she said YES!  

How We Met

We met at the age of about 10 at a local craft fair. Lauren was working on a stall with her Mum, and James had been dragged along by his Mum “just for 5 minutes.” It was love at first sight across a crowded room! Well.......almost, our Mums knew each other and as they chatted about the local craft scene, we talked about Thundercats and rollerblading. 

About 11 years ago a chance encounter (a real sliding doors moment), saw us reconnect after going our separate ways as teenagers. We went for a coffee, a date/non-date and an afternoon wakeboarding, and from those days forward we’ve never looked back.

Events Calendar

Please check here for updates of events we have planned, including the wedding day scheduling. For more info head to our Events Blog you can also leave comments too!