We live here! The main streets are Mainland & Hamilton between Davie & Smithe, however you could look for accommodation on the cross streets up to Howe and still be in Yaletown - It has a young vibe, lots of restaurants, hairdressers, nail-bars, natural juice shops, French Bulldogs, and a pretty marina. It's close to False Creek and the Sea Wall.

Water Street is the Main Street running through hip and trendy Gastown. This is the oldest part of Vancouver, and so therefore is tourist central. We often find ourselves in Gastown as it has the best restaurants and bars of the downtown area. This means it can be noisy at night. Please we aware there is a huge homeless population inhabiting E Hastings Street, east of Carrall street. If looking at accommodation in this area, we strongly advise you to stay as far west of Carrall street as possible.

Downtown & Coal Harbour
Robson St is the Main Road that has all the amenities in the downtown/ Coal Harbour areas. Staying anywhere along it's length would position you very conveniently for all the main attractions of Vancouver, the Aquarium, the Library, the Convention Centre, Art Gallery, shopping malls & high street chain stores, etc. To the southern end, you will be very close to the 'ice' hockey and football stadiums.

Mount Pleasant West
One of our most loved areas, Main St, Between 10th & 25th is where you should aim for. Although a little further out of downtown, it's still very accessible by taxi & bus, or if you're keen on walking. Very hipster cool, local type neighbourhood, much more of a community feel with lots of our favourite independent shops & restaurants.

West End
The main street in the West End is Denman Street. It is a mixed and generally older neighbourhood with a few smaller independent supermarkets, some scattered bars, coffee shops, natural health shops and some Asian restaurants. Davie street intersects Denman Street and is a busier Main Street, Davie actually runs up all the way from Yaletown and at the West End is the Gay district. If you're looking for a quieter residential area, the West End has many smaller tree lined streets very close to several beaches, the Sea Wall and Stanley Park. . 


Air Bnb is probably the best bet downtown. It doesn't look like there are too many with 3/4+ bedrooms as downtown is mainly condo's and high rises. 1/2 beds are probably easiest. Click here to go to the Airbnb website.  Make sure you input Vancouver BC, not Vancouver, (Washington) USA

If you prefer a Hotel, there are a few nearby; (but we can't personally recommend). If you are looking at hotels, we wouldn't recommend staying on Granville Street its a main road, very noisy at night and not a pleasant street.




Shoppers Drugs Mart & London Drugs
Similar to Boots or Superdrug these are your one stop shop for all cosmetics, medical or hygiene needs. Most of these also have post offices inside if you need to send any postcards etc.

There are very many hairdressers in Yaletown and Gastown, booking is always recommended.

James highly recommends; Noor at Man Cave. 1018 Mainland Street. No reservations.

Nail Salons
There are very many nail salons in Yaletown, Lauren recommends, Lotus Nails on Davie & Seymour. Not the cheapest, but they do a good job. They usually have discounts on Mon, Tues, Wed - But you do need to book if planning to go at a peak time. 625 Davie Street, 604.682.3688


RBC & TD Canada Trust
We bank with both RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) and TD, both have great service and have many locations across downtown.


There a lots of grocery stores around but these are the main chains around Yaletown selling all you need foodwise.

Nesters - like Sainsbury's
990 Seymour St, 
Vancouver, BC V6B 3L9.

Urban Fair - like Waitrose
177 Davie St,
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Y1

Choices Market - Organic & $$$ like Wholefoods
1202 Richards St,
Vancouver, BC V6B 3G

Granville Island - Speciality & Touristy
Worth a visit for speciality foods, flowers & crafts. 

Liquor Stores

There are a lot of liquor stores around town as you CAN'T buy liquor in supermarkets. BC liquor is the main chain, however there are a few independent stores around Yaletown.

BC Liquor
1108 Pacific Blvd.

Yaletown Liquor Store
1116 Hamilton Street.

Swirl Wines
1185 Mainland Street.