Welcome Picnic at the Beach

We have a lovely beach a short walk from our apartment, where we have enjoyed BBQs, picnics, random watching of incredible sunsets; we’re hoping we can share all of the above with you one afternoon. 

Venue: English Bay, Vancouver. 

Address Details: Marker on the map below. we'll also bring balloons as a marker for where we are.

Date: Thursday August 17th - It will also be my brother Edward's birthday!!

Time: Anytime after 4pm

Please come along and bring any food and drinks you fancy and something to sit on. *** ANY ALCOHOL MUST BE CONCEALED i.e.. a different container, plastic cups not wine glasses, it is illegal to consume alcohol in public in British Columbia and the police are hot on it….. Not to say that we don’t find a way,... but measures must be made to be inconspicuous.

All being well there should be an awesome sunset around 8:30pm. After the sun goes down it can get a little chilly so bring a few layers and prepare to wrap up warm.

This is a part of our extended plan to get you all together so there is less of the awkward “Who’s Who” once we all arrive at Galiano Island.

RSVP:This is a completely optional event, if you haven’t arrived in Vancouver yet, or if you have alternate plans, don’t worry. It was just an open house style free for all, incase you can! We did a Facebook Event though just in case.