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Q: Does everyone need a ETA Visa?
A: Yes, If you are a non-resident of Canada.

Q: When should we book our flights?
A: ASAP!! :) No but seriously, in general it only gets more expensive as we get closer to the summer. There is a good app called Hopper, that gives you a loose indication of the rise and fall of airfares with different airlines. If you're looking now and you see anything $500-$600 book it! Thats a good deal. As airlines go, we say they're all pretty similar really. WestJet is probably the most budget as you don't get any food (except pretzels) and no TVs either.

Q: When should we arrive in Vancouver?
A: As soon as you like! Come and explore, settle in, get over the jet-lag. We are planning a couple of group activities the week before the wedding, (including James' birthday on the 15th) it would be great to try and get everyone to know each other as much as possible. NOTE: We are planning to honeymoon very shortly after the wedding.

Q:Can we use USD$?
A:Generally no, we use the CAD$. Side notes; There are no 1 or 2 cent coins, a $1 coin is called a loonie and a $2 coin is called a toonie.

Q:What's the deal with tipping?
A: Tipping here is just like the US, customary for all food and beverage service. 15% is generally considered the minimum for normal service. Other services that will expect tips includes taxi's, hair & beauty, hotel services, deliveries,....

Q:Is Vancouver a safe place?
A: Yes, although with any city, common sense is advisable. We do have a very noticeable homeless & mental health situation, although most of them keep to themselves and are not threatening. We recommend you avoid going anywhere on foot east of Cordova Street near Gastown in the evenings. There is a dramatic increase in the street people population around this area. We refer to the area as Zombie apocalypse town!

Q:Can I buy wine in a grocery store?
A: No, you can't buy any alcohol at all, beer, wine & spirits can only be purchased from a liquor store. 

Q:Do Canadians drive on the same side as the UK?
A: No, same side as Europe & America.

Q:Do I need a car for Vancouver?
A: Generally no, Vancouver is a small and walkable downtown with good trains, buses and cheap taxis. Even getting out to places like Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain are reachable by local transit or tourist shuttle bus. You may however want a car if you are planning to adventure further. Parking downtown is NOT cheap and much of it permit only, so if you do get a car, try and get accommodation with parking.

Q: General rules of the road?
A: Most notable difference is the use of STOP signs, almost on every block in some areas. You can turn right on a red light, except where sign-posted otherwise. Pedestrians take priority - pretty much at all times, if in doubt, give way to them.

Q:What will the weather be like?
We expect the temperature to be in the early/mid-20's, should be dry and sunny. It may be colder after the sun goes down.

Q:Why is coriander called cilantro, Aubergine called eggplant, courgette called zucchini, lifts called elevators, bins called trash, car boots called trunks,...
A: No idea!?????