Booking the Ferry

Arrive at Galiano Island - Monday 21st August, 
Depart Wednesday 23rd August.

Booking The Ferry 

Getting to Galiano Island is an easy car ferry journey from the Vancouver ferry terminal at Tsawwassen, across to Sturdies Bay Terminal on Galiano Island; often referred to as one of the Southern Gulf Islands. For $15 each way you can reserve a place on the ferry. We would definitely recommend this as the ferries can get extremely busy in the summer months and don't sail very regularly. Even if you have a reservation you must arrive at the terminal 40-90 mins ahead of the sailings. If you are later than 40 mins prior, your reservation is no longer valid. There are 2 ferries departing Tsawwassen on Monday August 21st that would get you to the venue on time, 10:10am & 1:40pm. Please check the website for more details if you are travelling from other locations. If you are travelling back to Vancouver on Wednesday August 23rd, the sailings are, 8:30am & 4:45pm. 

Galiano Tommy T.jpg

Tommy Transit Bus 

Unfortunately there is no public transport or taxis on Galiano Island however we do have this legend! Tommy will be doing a pick up from your accommodation on the wedding day, and will do two evening drop offs back again - so everyone can enjoy the party and there's no need to drive.


Car Rental / Sharing

As you would expect we have all the usual suspects with regards to rental companies. Enterprise and Avis can be found downtown, we have used both previously and had a good experience. If possible we would like to try and optimize car rentals, so if you are willing to share your car, or need to share a car, please connect via our Events Blog!