To And From Airport


$7.50 for a ticket taking you from the airport to anywhere in Vancouver. Tickets can be purchased right by the train platform from the ticket machines. Trains run every 5-10 minutes and journey takes around 40 minutes


YVR - Downtown
Around $50 + Tip

Yellow Cabs 604.356.1321
Checker Cabs 604.356.1321

Skytrain route map

City Travel

SkyTrain & Bus

There is the Skytrain system that runs through the city however it is most useful for connecting the suburbs to downtown. The bus network is pretty extensive and costs $2.75 a trip - ticket is valid for up to 90min's from purchase so you can hop on a number of buses or Skytrains with the same ticket within that time period).  See Map above.

Aqua Bus & False Creek Ferry

There is also an Aqua Bus network that you can catch around False Creek to get from downtown to Granville Island and Olympic Village etc.
Individual fares: Adult fares range from $3.50 to $5.50, depending on the length of journey or purchase a Day Pass for around $25. 

Aqua Bus & False creek ferry route map

Aqua Bus & False creek ferry route map